Operatic Rave

5 SEP | 22h00

MNAA Garden

(National Museum of Anciant Art)


Opera blends in pop music and pop music in opera.

The audience is invited to make a delirious journey to the world pop opera, with social distancing, following covid code.

Homage and tribute to stars who have crossed these two worlds: Nina Hagen and Klaus Nomi, but also to great operas Divas Maria Callas and Mirella Freni (who recently left us)

Operatic hapenings invade the space.

Absolute premiere of orgasmic micro-opera “Pleasure” by Ana Seara, our composer in residence.

Djs, opera singers, improvisors, composers, musicians of different backgrounds, disclose irresistible opera mixtures.

Dresscode: besides the obligatory covid mask, we invite the audience to mask itself in full operatic style, from baroque to futurism.


Afonso de Portugal (composer and electronics), Iguana Garcia (electro-pop), Royal Bermuda (Luso-tropicalism), Lieben (acid house techo/electronics), Ana Seara (composer and electronics)
Catarina Molder (soprano), Manuel Brás da Costa (counter-tenor), Rui Baeta (baritone)


Ana Seara


in Operatic Rave

Length: 4’ 


In absolute creation, this micro-opera questions and evoques in terms of sound and emotion, the boundaries of feminine and masculine pleasure and pain, till climax.