Opera Express for New Opera Directors


Songs for Remission of Hunger (1994), excerpt

António Chagas Rosa


Baron and Duchesse, No One and Everyone Else (2018)

Daniel Moreira


Minotaur (absolute premiere)

João Ricardo

Maratona Ópera XXI + Creations


6 SEP | 21h00

Garden of Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga


Carlos de Pontes Leça Award


Operafest Lisboa the opera festival “out of the box”  aiming at bringing opera closer to the world of today,  proudly presents the Portuguese contemporary opera contest – Maratona Ópera XXI, fostering new repertoire, new composers, new interpreters and new creatives to enhance opera with new insights and stimulating proposals. This Marathon’s 3 rd edition, in co-prodution with MPMP, Alive Music Patrimony, bets on disclosure of small format contemporary repertoire, in Portuguese and on new opera directors emerging talents.


Revisiting contemporary repertoire and making it accessible to new audiences, as well as the appropriation of opera by a wider and more varied number of creatives of new generations from different performing arts backgrounds, to open up opera to the contemporary artistic community.


Three stage directors candidates will stage two selected opera excerpts by António Chagas Rosa and Daniel Moreira and the winner will receive Carlos de Pontes de Leça Award. It will be also presented The opera in absolute premiere Minotaur by João Ricardo (winner of Maratona’s past edition) explores again the idea of destiny and of labyrinth. In the original version of the mythic Creta Labyrinth.


An enthusiastic program is proposed, with excerpts of two contrasting operas: one from 1994 with ravishing lyrical tragedy, the other from 2018 with cutting irresistible humor and one absolute premiere.


Baron & Duchesse, No one and Everyone (2018)
A broken empresario and a widow live an unpreceedent family tragedy. However, at the same time Don Tourismo takes little Simon, the son's couple to commit an unhappy misstep, but eventually offering them salvation. There will be an hotel capable of redeem the endless pain of a gourmet soul?


Songs for Remission of Hunger (1994) - Scene 3
In this scene we assist to the recreation of princess Libuses court in Bohemia. The legenday character ruled over an ephemeral mediaval principality, where  political and military power was in the hands of women, being men subordinates. 1st Prisioner (Milena) is initiated as amazon worrier by her friend Margarete (2 nd Prisioner), one of the alienated dreams from the two prisoners of Raensbrück Concentration Camp. Schudhi instigates and comments the events filed with despise and irony by human condition.


Minotaur: appointment for a restart is an operatic episode proposing the deconstruction of Minotaurs myth vaguely inspired by Jorge de Sena and Jorge Luis Borges versions of this fable. Here is given voice not only to Minotaur but to the different voices who might have lived in his conscience and fed his imagination.


Musical Direction: Jan Wierzba
Stage Directors: Anna Leppänen, Inês Filip, Rodrigo Aleixo & Daniela Cruz
Light Design: Pedro Santos


Baron: João Valido Vaz
Duchess: Beatriz Volante


Shudhi: Catarina Mouro
Prisioner 1: Beatriz Volante
Prisioner 2: Ana Rita Colho


Minotaur: João Valido Vaz
Conscience and Hangman: Ana Rita Coelho e Beatriz Volante
Ensemble MPMP



Catarina Molder, soprano & artistic director OPERAFEST

Edward Ayres de Abreu, composer, musicologist & programer MPMP

Sandra Faleiro, actress & stage director

André Cunha Leal, programer CCB

Maria João Cabral, Fundação La Caixa

Rui Horta, choreographer & stage director