Operatic Rave

12 SEP | 22h00

Carpintarias de São Lázaro


Opera Pop party!

Opera becomes disco dance music and disco dance music becomes opera.

Homage and tribute to stars who have crossed these two worlds: Nina Hagen and Klaus Nomi, but also to great operas Divas Maria Callas and Mirella Freni, who recently left us and to great Italian stage director Franco Zeffirelli.

Passion, jealousy, burning emotions, tragedy, madness.

Operatic hapenings invade the space.

Dress code: opera, maskerade, scream, from Baroque to Futurism and the absolute creation of orgasmic micro-opera "Pleasure” by Ana Seara, our composer in residence.


Ana Seara


in Operatic Rave

Length: 4’ 


In absolute creation, this micro-opera questions and evoques in terms of sound and emotion, the boundaries of feminine and masculine pleasure and pain, till climax.