Operafest was conceived as an event wich unifies varied Institutions, not only national wise but worldwide, empowering sinergies and talent around a project mainly focused on promoting both Portuguese and international opera market, contributing to the creation of new body of opera repertoire, giving opportunities and highlighting new composers, musicians, conductors, singers, creative teams and clearly investing  in fresh talent. Operafest Lisboa finally introduces Portugal in the itinerary of innovative Summer Opera Festivals al fresco, for the originality of its programming organized in cycles, presented in different venues, with the clear ambition of reaching out all kinds of new opera audiences, meeting different interests and affinities.



Operafest Lisboa hereby condemnes work without payment, excluding practises such as internship without any kind of payment or volunteering, because it considerers volunteering with youth work or people in working age, a form of dissimulated working exploitation.

This Festival assumingly invests in young talent and youth work dignification. It has a percentage of  young people until 25 years old in full autonomy working places in at least 40% of its activity (production, design, audio, technic, musicians, singers, actors, dancers) and gender parity, already in the person of its general director, but also associate composer, invited conductor and so on.

It also declares itself ecological, in the sense of promoting public transportation and not wanting to be associated to pollution and creation of garbage and plastics, not only within its direct activities, as well as in the activities of associated partners and merchandising.



GREAT CLASSICS of opera repertoire are revisited on emblematic monuments. OPERA DISCOVERY presents opera repertoire from the 2nd half of XX Century and more recent, to be discovered. Contemporary short operas are presented in unexpected venues in OPERA EXPRESS, to surprise new audiences. OPERA IN THE STREET proposes opera to be enjoyed in the middle of neighbourhood, by your home door, for upclose experiences and inter-action with new potential devotees and participants from other social contexts, with free access as well. OPERA SATELLITE presents new approaches, new challenges, new crossroads, through visual arts' performance, blending with other musical genres, an Operatic Rave, Conferences and Debates with personalities from all walks of life, promissing new visions and opening up opera to the world of today. A contest and award for new operas - MARATONA ÓPERA XXI, wants to stimulate new repertoire and the emerging of new talents.