Operafest Lisboa 2023

The Cannibals (1988)

Film by Manoel de Oliveira



8 SEP | 19h00

Cinemateca Portuguesa



99 min


The awaited cycle Cine-opera finally taking place in partnership with Cinemateca Portuguesa, proposes mutual evocation and contamination between cinema and opera.


Based on the Gothic tale by Álvaro Carvalhal adapted by Oliveira himself, this film-opera began as a challenge to the film- director made by João Paes, who signs its music, and it represents a all-mark in the history of the opera and cinema, since it is the first time a great film director creates an opera exclusively to be experienced on the cinema screen. Nominated to Cannes’ Palme d’Or, it won Critic’s Special Prize in São Paulo’s Film Festival, Brussels Cinematheque Award and for the best soundtrack for João Paes in Stiges Film Festival. It also displays Leonor Silveira’s debut, whom would be Manoel Oliveira’s muse ever since, starring along with Luís Miguel Cintra, one of Oliveira’s favorite actors.


In love with beautiful mysterious viscount of Aveleda, Margarida despise Sir João’s court, who wanted to marry her. On her wedding night the viscount unveils his terrible secret with tragic consequences…

"This story cares for blue blood, for aristocracy, those who might be please to hear me should do the pilgrimage through high society, the one where instead of talking people sing."

Cicerone voice with a violin, in Film The Cannibals.


Script writer and directed by: Manoel de Oliveria

Director or Photography: Mário Barroso

Original music:  João Paes

Sound director : Joaquim Pinto

Special Effects: Gilles Blast

Costumes design:  Isabel Branco

Edition: Sabine Franel, Manoel de Oliveira



Luís Miguel Cintra, Leonor Silveira – Margarida, Diogo Dória

Oliveira Lopes, Pedro Teixeira Silva, Joel Costa, Rogério Samora, Rogério Vieira, António Loja Neves, Luís Madureira, Teresa Côrte-Real, José Manuel Mendes, Cândido Ferreira

Glória de Matos



Ana Paula Russo, António Loja Neves, Carlos Guilherme , Filomena Amaro,

Joel Costa , Luís Madureira, Oliveira Lopes, Vaz de Carvalho


Gulbenkian Orchestra and Chorus

Production:  La Sept, Gemini Films [França], Filmargem

Executive production: Paulo de Sousa, Paulo Branco


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