Soul on Fire

Staged Opera Gala


7 SEP | 21h30

Garden National Museum for Ancient Art


A gallery of heroes and anti-heroes is displayed in this staged gala.

Good characters crying their misfortune and other rejoicing at provoked misery. From Kings and Queens to Mephistopheles and other devil, desperate ladies and gentlemen falling to disgrace, all with soul on fire, singing grandiose arias, with international guests to be announced.


Puccini, Verdi, Grieg, Sibelius, Schumann, Ravel

Stage Direction and Scenic Space: Otelo Lapa

Dramaturgy and musical alignment: Catarina Molder

Scenography: Daniela Cardante

Light Design: Gi Carvalho


Mads Wighus, tenor

special  participation Catarina Molder, soprano