Operafest Lisboa 2021

20 AUG to 11 SEP

Garden Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga


Tears, Mystery and Utopia


After the success of its launching edition in Summer 2020, OPERAFEST LISBOA, the new opera festival in town, directed by soprano Catarina Molder and produced by Opera do Castelo, in partnership with the Nacional Museum for Ancient Art, is now proved reality and is coming back in 2021, to bring the emotion of opera to everyone, having as epicenter the beautiful Garden of National Museum for Ancient Art.

Still on path of tragedy, opera’s quintessence, following the matrix thematic "the worst, the better", but in the hangover of a pandemic which froze the world, putting in stake social life and human share, art presents itself has an inestimable via to the word of unlimited, where anything is possible!

It will be a programme  combining tragedy and tears to wash the soul, filled with mystery and suspense flying to Utopia, which defines this limitless art form of opera.


From Nagasaki to Lisboa

Operafest starts in Japan, Nagasaki, with Madama Butterfly (20, 21, 23, 25, 27 Aug) and the tragic love of Geisha Cioc-cio San and Benjamin Pinkerton, a lieutenant of American navy, by master of emotion Giacomo Puccini with musical direction of Jan Wierzba and stage direction by choreographer Olga Roriz. Moving to the other side of the world, somewhere in urban America, appears The Medium, one of the most successful operas by Gian-Carlo Menotti (28, 29 Aug), about Madame Flora, an imposter medium caught by her own trap, with the musical direction of Rita Castro Blanco and a premiere in opera staging by actress and stage director Sandra Faleiro. Arriving  to deep America, where it reins the major paradigm of Capitalism and where the biggest sin is to be poor, Mahagonny Songspiel, a milestone marking Weill and Brecht’s first collaboration, challenges traditional opera. This intervention kabarett is presented in double bill with absolute creation of Until death tears us apart by Ana Seara, composer in residency of this 2nd edition, based on the homonymous novel by Ana Teresa Pereira with an irresistible film noire atmosphere, under the musical direction of Jan Wierzba and staged by António Pires (3, 4 Sep).

A staged Gala Soul on Fire (7 Sep), presents a gallery of heroes and anti-heroes, good characters crying their misfortune and other rejoicing at provoked misery, with international guests and grandiose arias. Maratona Ópera XXI, proposes (9 Sep) a contest and award for new Arias - the moment in opera where the human voice in all its splendor most reaches us. Instead of a Song contest, a contest of new Arias! Opera Satallite convokes new paths and operatic explorations, right away with Lyric machine - singing lessons for curious amateurs, offering the so yearned vocal self-discovery. Lesson/Debates and conferences around various subjects related to opera and this year programme and finally, the Operatic Rave Show me the way to the next wisky bar (11 Sep) paraphrasing the well-know Alabama Song from Mahagonny Songspiel offers a celebration night, merging the world of opera with pop, eletronic, disco, with exciting musical landscapes and plenty of operatic frenzy!!


Welcome to Operafest Lisboa and to the tragic world of opera!