Operatic Rave

Masked Ball to defy destiny

Opera Satellite


10 SEP | 23h00

Garden of Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga


Right after the opera The Man of Dreams dance and celebration!


All audiences who have just enjoyed the overwhelming dream atmosphere of the opera The Man of Dreams and those interested in dancing to the sound of opera, are invited to come masked as they please, to dance and defy destiny.


DJs revisit big opera hits of this edition, unexpected street dancers invade the stage, singers perform in the middle of people, and vocal warm-up will be provided in a short but intense alive singing lesson. Offering a  celebration of colour and operatic frenzy to close big Operafest 2022!


A homage to Verdi’s Masked Ball and the catharsis of mask after covid times (we hope) going back to the world of phantasy!


Don't forget your fantasy mask and enjoy incredible music and performances by Sara Ross, Afonso Portugal, Armando Teixeira, Moss Kissing, Iguana Garcia and Puta da Silva along with opera singers! Electronics, techno, dubstep, underground metal infuse, electro pop disco, culminating in Brazilian dashing and theatrical funk and opera mix!