Maratona I

Maratona Ópera XXI - Concurso para novas óperas

30 e 31 AGO | 21h30

MNAA Garden

Length: 1h30 with short intermission


Seven selected short operas by young Portuguese composers, are presented in absolute creation, to be evaluated by a  jury of mixed personalities, of varied artistic fields, moving way the idea of opera to a specialized niche. The Award Carlos de Pontes Leça* of 5000 euros, will be attributed to the winning opera, as a new opera commission, to be presented in future editions of the Festival.

This contest and award intend to stimulate the composition of new repertoire, the emerging of new talents and the empowerment of the relation between opera and audience of today.


Musical direction: Rita Castelo Blanco

Stage Direction: António Pires

Set design & costumes: Daniela Cardante

Light design: Anatol Waschke

Sound design: Ricardo Costa



Mariana Castello Branco, soprano

Rita Filipe, meio-soprano

Carlos Monteiro, tenor

Tiago Matos, barítono


Ensemble MPMP

Sara Llano, violin

Catarina Távora, cello

Miguel Costa, clarinet

João Pedro Silva, saxophone

Jorge Caeiro, accordion



Catarina Molder (artistic director)

António Chagas Rosa (composer)

Aya Koretsky (film director)

Otelo Lapa (scene director and director)

André Cunha Leal (classical music programmer (CCB) and artistic director (Cistermúsica))


* Great Portuguese Musicologist who has been mostly significant to development of Portuguese contemporary music, since the 2nd half of XX Century.

Tales of Creation: Adam

Pedro Finisterra


Music: Pedro Finisterra
Libretto: Nuno Cruz

Length: 20’


This second episode of “Tales of Creation” occurs after the separation of the carriers of divine flame, Adam and Lilith. God sends an angel to Lilith, a fugitive from Eden, to convince her to come back to Adam, in vain. God then creates Eve from one of Adam's ribs, generating a new divine couple. Despite this new relationship mirroring the previous one, Eve, an echo from Adam’s soul, has no flame of her own. Dissatisfied, Adam leaves Eden, seeking Lilith.

This Ithaca, I can't find

Diogo da Costa Ferreira


Music and Libretto Diogo da Costa Ferreira

Length: 25’


There is a cyclope despotically ruling, seeking to satisfy all his obscene appetites. There is a Penelope, who simply can’t wait, but is driven by love to discover Ulysses. There is a Godess, Athena, seeking to help hero Ulysses, but who can’t be heroin of her own life. There a Ulysses who plays Ulisses and becomes hero, initiating journey of discover and of Being.


João Ricardo


Music: João Ricardo
Libretto: Tatiana Faia

Length: 20’


In a garden, by the end of Summer, two lovers meet again to what they imagine to be their last conversation, the only one they will ever have. Vaguely inspired by episodes of Ovidio’s Metamorphoses, fragments of Eco and Narcissus myths crossroad and re-write themselves, in a time where everythig is mediated by the images we project from ourselves which we review and edit until nausea, in a game of appearance, which disguises very often, void.

The treasure

Miguel Jesus


Music and Libretto Miguel Jesus
Based on homonym tale by Eça de Queiroz

Length: 20’


Three brothers, noble and broken. Rui, Guanes and Rostabal, unexpectedly find a safe box filled with gold. Rui elaborates a plan, in which Guanes would go to buy food and drinks, as well bags to carry the gold, but during his absence, both brothers conspire to kill him. After doing so, Rui kills Rostabal in the back and prepare himself to keep the treasure. But he didn’t know that Guanes had reserved him a surprise…