Pedro A


Jeremy Fisher

Isabelle Aboulker

Audience of the Future


1,2 e 3 SEP | 21h00

Garden of Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga


Sung in Portuguese

Length: 1h

Portuguese version by Luís Rodrigues


“The story is for solitary children. Or who will become one day”


This is the dedicatory Mohamed Rouabhi writes to his play Jérémy Fisher. A moving way of introducing the story of this boy, son of a family of fishermen, who is born under a fish sign and from metamorphosis to metamorphosis, transforms himself into a boy fish until is time to go to live in the Ocean.


Chamber opera by French composer Isabelle Aboulker (2007), who has dedicated a great deal of her work to younger audiences, is presented in the Portuguese Version by baritone Luis Rodrigues.


Gifted with overwhelming simplicity, poetry and profoundness, with music of great beauty, this opera launches Operafest’s new cycle Audience of the Future, sensitizing young children and their families to opera.


Encloses a strong message about freedom and the price of being different, as an initiation to life’s vicissitudes and opportunism always ready to strike and about our growth, transformation, acceptance and respect. Plenty of love and intelligence are required by Jeremy’s parents to accept him like he is, different from the other children and that they have to let him go – a metaphor for the transformation we all suffer, from dependent children to adults who need to leave to their own lives.


Stage Direction and choreography: Sílvia Real
Co-creation and choreography: Filipe Baracho and Susana Domingos Gaspar
Set design: Mariana Ramos
Props: Ainhoa Vidal
Light design: Pedro Santos



Tom: André Henriques
Jody: Mariana Fernandes
Doctor: Luís Rodrigues
Jeremias: Pedro Almeida and Guilherme Chantre
Narrator: Pedro Portas Fontes


Operafest Lisboa Children's Choir

Alice Santos
Carolina António
Clara António
Constança Campos
Gabriel Marques
Guilherme Chantre
Joana Almeida
Pedro Almeida
Maria Teresa Nunes
Noah Freire
Pedro Ribeiro
Teresa Falcão
Unai Hernandez
Vicente Pereira
Conductor: Gustavo Lopes
Accompanist: Raquel Pires


Quartet Ensemble MPMP
Rui Antunes - Violin I
Teresa Jesus - Violin II
Leonor Fleming - Viola
Nuno Cardoso - Cello


Special Thanks: Real Pelágio, Adriana Melo, Magnum Soares, Sofia Sequeira, Ariana Furtado, Ivo Geada, Nonora, Theo Vidal and Zoe Vida

Pedro A