Betrayal and deceive

“The worst, the better”

With the moto “The worst, the better”, evoking opera’s tragic essence  , the launcing of Operafest  is done under the unifying theme of betrayal and deceive, as tragedy instigators.

In the beautiful  set of the Garden of  Nacional Museum of Ancient Art,  surrounded by cenografic elements,  opera TOSCA by Giacomo Puccini opens this Festival’s first edition. Betrayal, lust, passion, murder – the great puccinian thiller is presented with a cast of international criative team and singers and following the covid directives' possibilities, in a new version for smaller orchestra by Ana Seara, our composer in residence. Still in the MNAA Garden, a contest for contemporary opera – MARATONA OPERA XXI, where seven selected operas by the most talented young Portuguese composers,  are presented in absolute creation and evaluated both by the audience and by a varied jury,  from different artistic fields, moving ways the idea of niche opera, with a prize compreending a new opera commission to be presented in future editions.


In the iconic recently opened, multi-cultural Center of Carpintarias de São Lázaro, right in the city heart, OPERA SATELLITE  proposes new opera explorations and challenges, with conferences and debates about this edition central theme of betrayal and deceive, but also on operatic heroins and the special ingridients required to build up a libretto, or blending opera with other musical genres in Operatic Rave with social distancing, including operatic happenings, thrilling opera blendings and the absolute premiere of “orgasmic” micro-opera “Pleasure” by Ana Seara. Finally  a Surprise Opera Gala inspired in betrayed and deceived characters and arias, with its alignment to be chosen online by the audience. CINE-OPERA, in partnership with Unitel, offers some of the most emblematic cinematographic versions of great opera, with stratospheric interpreters, from Puccini’s Tosca directed by Gianfranco di Bosio, to Zeffirelli’s Cavalleria rusticana and celebrating the 250 years of Beethoven’s birth, his only opera – Fidelio.


Welcome to Operafest Lisboa, Welcome to the tragic world of opera!